The Central Texas Foster Parents Association, referred to as CTFPA, is a non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas.

The purpose of the CTFPA is to try to improve the welfare of children by improving communications between agencies and foster families. We hope to, as a group, promote a positive image of foster and adoptive parents. We would like to improve recruiting, orientation, and retention of foster families. It is our goal to help provide the best training available to all parents.

We engage in activities beneficial to the children in foster care in order to provide the children in foster care an opportunity to develop to their fullest potential and become contributing members of society. We also participate in programs with other similar organizations with similar endeavors to achieve the goals of the CTFPA.

If you are a foster parent and would like to join us please click here to fill out a membership application.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please contact us so we can personally answer your questions about the association and foster care/ parenting in general.

Please feel free to contact us online via the “Contact Us” link.

Our meetings and trainings are held the 3rd Saturday of each month, generally from 8am to 12pm. Exceptions will be announced via email and also posted here on the web site under the “News & Updates” category.